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The workshop module is ideal for automotive workshops, computer workshops and the like to manage their job costing. It allows a user to allocate stock, labor and sundry items to job cards, which can be converted directly to a customer invoice. Quotations can be converted into a job card and then to an invoice, or directly to an invoice. Supplier orders can be generated from the quotation or job card. Smart-it increases workshop productivity by integrating critical repair and service information via the job card system.

Features of the Workshop / Job Costing module:

  • Easy job card filtering and searching facility
  • Cost labour, non-stock items, sundries, BOM and stock items to the job card
  • Create purchase orders directly from a job card
  • Print picking slips and job card labels
  • Link equipment (vehicles, printers, computers etc.) to a job card and a customer
  • Keep track of the time taken to complete a job card
  • Attach images and documents to a job card
  • Send emails and SMS to your clients
  • Track labor sales
  • Service and Repair History
  • Comprehensive reports or create your own customized reports
  • Design your own job cards, job card label report, job card invoice report
  • View all parts booked out for all job cards at a glance
  • Customer Service feedback – CSI

Screenshots of the Workshop / Job Costing module:

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